Work from home Job as a Montessori Tutor

Work from home job for graduates. Train to be a Montessori Tutor & earn up to £42 per hour

Are you a graduate searching for work from home jobs? Would you like to work part-time from home with flexible hours and excellent rates of pay?

Do you want to have access to a global market from the comfort of your own home?  

Well, how would you like to enter the £100 billion market and work as a Montessori Tutor?

Work from home Job Market Summary

Job title  Private Montessori Tutor 

Private Tuition Market

£6 billion in the UK and £100 billion globally.

Global demand growing by 14% annually.

UK Market

Children receiving private tuition in the UK: 44% or 3.9 million potential pupils. *

*Sutton Trust Education Review

Earnings   Detailed below
Working HoursFlexible part-time working hours

Work From Home Job Overview

If you are a graduate with good GCSE grades looking for part-time working from home opportunities, you could work as a Montessori Tutor. 

Working as a Montessori Tutor is perfect if you are looking for a side income with fantastic rates of pay and can earn up to £42 per hour.

Moreover, due to the global pandemic, the demand for online tutors has seen an unprecedented surge and is said to become one of the fastest growing markets globally!

Furthermore, as an online Montessori tutor, you will have the flexibility and global reach that many other jobs simply cannot provide.

Here are 3 reasons to work from home as an online tutor

One of the fastest growing markets

Genuine Work from Home Opportunity

According to Sutton Trust Education Review, the Private Tuition Market is worth £6 billion in the UK and £100 billion globally. This is on track to exceed £150 billion imminently, making it one of the fastest growth market in the world.

Furthermore, due to the current pandemic and social distancing rules, the demand for online tutors has grown at a staggering rate. In fact, the sector was growing at a rate of 14% before the current pandemic – this figure has exponentially increased in the last few months.

Flexible Hours & Excellent Pay

work from home pay

As you can expect, working as a private tutor you will have a great deal of flexibility and freedom. You can choose the hours you want to work and how much you want to charge. As most parents opt for afterschool and weekend tutoring, this is perfect if you have a full-time job and want a side income.

The hourly rate can also be excellent.

According to Prospects it is very reasonable for tutors to earn between £30 – £42 per hour, which is 5 times higher than the national minimum wage!

The mean hourly rate taken from Prospects figures is £36 per hour. Therefore, working 20 hours per week could earn you £720 per week and if we allow 4 weeks per year annual leave thus multiplying the sum by 48 weeks, we get a gross earning of £34,560. So, it is perfectly possible to earn a salary of £32k+ working part-time.

As with anything life, how much you earn will ultimately depend on how much time, effort and dedication you put into building and retaining your client base.

Job Satisfaction


It’s no secret that teacher job satisfaction in England is the lowest it has ever been. In fact, according to UCL survey, it is the lowest among comparable developed countries. This has led to a mass exodus of teachers from the public sector which means children’s education is suffering as a result.

This is one of the reason why millions of parents are seeking private tutors to bridge the learning gap.

So, as a private tutor, you will mostly be working with pupils on a one-to-one basis. A recent survey conducted by OwlGuru based on job satisfaction for private tutors concluded that 73% of private tutors found their jobs satisfying and they find that their job makes the world a better place or helps to make someone else’s life better.

Why become a Montessori Tutor?

Psychologists in the US found that across a range of abilities, children at Montessori schools out-performed those given a traditional education.

The Montessori Method of education, developed by Dr. Maria Montessori in the early 1900’s, is a child-centred educational approach based on scientific observations of children from birth to adulthood. It is an approach that values the human spirit and the development of the whole child—physical, social, emotional, cognitive.

Montessori Education has proven to provide children with superior learning experience and better academic results. In fact, in almost every study conducted, Montessori children have outperformed their peers at every level!

An article published by the Guardian on the benefits of Montessori education.

Famous Montessorians

There are countless famous and notable people who attended a Montessori school at some stage of their life.

A Montessori education creates proactive, determined, and disciplined people who think for themselves and go for their dreams.

Children are able to develop at their own pace and are encouraged to think outside of the box.

What are we offering you?

Here at Montessori Tutors, we believe that in the very near future majority of private tuition will be taking place online.

Therefore, we have developed a trademarked online education system which provides the Montessori learning experience with the focus on developing the whole child —physical, social, emotional, cognitive.

So, we are offering you the opportunity to train to be a private Montessori Tutor and promote your tutoring services on our website and other online platforms so that you can maximise your earnings.

No previous experience required

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any previous experience or not sure what subject to teach because our tutor training programme includes everything you need to get started.

This includes:

Initial Tutor Training
Subject knowledge enhancement / curriculum familiarisation
Live online training with professional tutors

I’m interested but how can I get pupil enquiries?

Majority of tutors are self-employed and source their own pupils. Due to the on-going global pandemic, millions of parents are turning to online tutoring services to search for private tutors.

This makes it easier than ever to market your services using online platforms with global reach!   

Here are 3 ways you can fill your diary:

Join Montessori Tutor Platform

work from home as a Montessori Tutor

After successfully completing MITT, you can join our online platform.

Our site ranks no.1 on major search engines including Google, Bing & Yahoo. Thus, you will have exposure to thousands of people searching for private tutors.

Our platform offers some fantastic features such as offering promotional discounts and profile boost!

You can also see how many people visited your profile and how many enquiries you received.

Social Media

Successful tutors use a multiple platforms to increase their sign-up rate. Facebook has 2.7 billion active users, so you can create a Facebook business page and promote your tutor services to as many people as you want.

Directory Sites

Offering your tutoring services on sites such as Gumtree, Yelp and Bark are excellent places to generate leads for new pupils.


Yes! I can see myself doing this. How can I get started?

So, how can you start working as Montessori Tutor? We have developed a fantastic CPD Accredited Montessori Tutor Training Programme. 

The programme is very comprehensive & designed by a group of fully qualified PGCE QTS teachers.

It contains key elements which are found in the Masters Level of PGCE teacher training. This is also combined with a Montessori Tutor Trademarked method of teaching which makes for a fantastic teaching and learning experience for both the tutor and the pupil!

The programme consists of the following elements:

Montessori Initial Tutor Training

MITT is an online course combined with live training and practice – one of a kind!

It is designed to equip you with the tools and training required to be a highly proficient tutor.

The online modules are spread over 7-days.

Each day averages 35 minutes of video tutorials and you should set aside another 30-45 minutes self study and practice.

The modules include:

Understand subject curriculums & how to break down learning objectives
Learn how to plan & design fantastic Montessori lessons which are active, creative & engaging
Learn how you can maximise your earnings by providing tuition to pupils of different abilities at the same time!

3-day Live Online Training and Practice

After completing the online modules, you can book onto the live online training sessions.

MITT includes 3 online sessions which last an hour each and usually take place every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and you can choose to join at either the 6pm or 7pm.

The sessions are designed for you to practice delivering your online lessons to your peers. During which you can familiarise yourself with Zoom online platform and it’s features, practice using the methods you have learned and most importantly, use any feedback to self-evaluate and improve your delivery for the next session.

CPD Accredited Training Programme

MITT is accredited by CPD which is a leading certification service. The body is known for appraising educational and training programmes which conform to the highest standard and their accreditation is a symbol of quality & credibility.

CPD training and courses are internationally recognised and can prove beneficial when applying for jobs.

According to CPDs research, just having a degree is no longer enough. The research found that CPD is directly linked to employability, and adding a CPD section to a CV can improve job prospects significantly, with the opportunity of securing a dream job increased by 10% (the CPD Research Project 2010).


Sounds fabulous! What do I do now?

As mentioned earlier, this is a comprehensive tutor training programme. It includes key elements which are often only found in the Masters Level PGCE teacher training programmes.

Both MITT & PGCE include:

Subject Pedagogy
Subject Knowledge Courses
Live training

You will be trained on all the above and much more for a fraction of the price and without the need to go back to University!

PGCE Courses start at £9,000 whilst MITT is a fraction of the cost at £497!

However, for a limited time only we are going to offer a massive £200 discount and offer the course for:




Access to Lesson Plans & Progress Reports

We understand that you may not have a teaching background and preparing weekly lessons can seem daunting.

So, upon completing MITT, you will be given access to the teaching materials prepared for Maths, English & Science suitable for primary school children.

Sign up to MITT today, and you will have 12-month access to Bespoke Montessori Lesson Plans for:


Worth £199 per annum.


Top 20 sites used by qualified teachers

Sign up today, and you will receive our list of little known sites which have some fantastic free resources worth £££’s!

These sites contain lesson plans and resources including free interactive games for most primary and secondary subjects!

Money Back Guarantee

We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you are not satisfied that MITT has not been beneficial to you then you can ask for a full and complete refund at any point during your training.

Yes! I want to become a Montessori Tutor!

I confirm:

I can speak clear & fluent English
I have at least 5 GCSEs at Grades A*- C or equivalent
I have graduated with at least 2:2 degree
I am not barred from working with children or vulnerable adults

Payment Options

Option 1:

MITT Intensive

£297 £497

7-day Intensive Online Training

3-day live training

(Mon, Wed & Fri, 6pm – 7pm)

Option 2:

MITT Part-time

Spread the cost over 3 monthly payments of £99

Online Training spread over 6-weeks

3-day live training

(Mon, Wed & Fri, 6pm – 7pm)

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