Stella W.

English Tutor Gainsborough

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My name is Stella Williams.

I am an educator with nearly 30 years of experience of pre-school, primary and secondary education. I am married to Paul (a head teacher) and have two grown up children, Ben and Jazz.

I am a positive person with an enthusiastic look on life. I love working with young people and get a great sense of achievement from watching them develop, learn and grow as individuals. I have a love of reading.

The knowledge that I have gained from this has helped to strengthen my teaching and presentation abilities. Raising my two children to be happy successful individuals can be partially attributed to my ability to plan, schedule and multi task.

Being flexible has definitely helped me in the classroom. I am able to adapt easily to many different learning styles, personalities and abilities. I am a passionate teacher able to work under pressure and deliver results.

In my spare time I like to be creative. I have recently learnt how to crochet and I also personalise items to sell in my online shop.

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