Sonia G

TEFL graduate

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My name is Sonia, I am a new Montessori English tutor. I am kind and empathetic towards others, I would never put someone down because of a mistake they’ve made but rather support them in learning from those mistakes. My aim for your child is to help them find and develop a love of learning by providing fun, engaging, and exciting lessons that are focused on your child’s understanding and interests. I will provide a safe, stimulating, and supportive environment, to allow your child to fail, achieve, persevere and reach their full potential.

My ambition and passion are that all children get a chance to reach for their dreams, no matter what their current abilities, given the opportunity to grasp the knowledge and understanding of the subject. Children don’t all learn in the same way. A multi-sensory and hands-on approach allows for exploration and discovery.

Let me have the honour of being part of the process in creating a strong, independent individual your child can be one day.

Outside of the classroom, I enjoy book store hopping, baking, yoga and spending time with family.

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  • Montessori online tutor

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