Sanisha P.

Maths Tutor in Essex

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I am an Assistant Head Teacher and a Maths and Literacy Specialist. Having worked in education for 10+ years, I have a wealth of experience in teaching a broad and diverse range of children with varying needs and abilities.

I have gained SLE (Specialist Leader in Education) National Status and therefore assist teachers across the country to improve practice within their schools, thus enabling more children to receive a high standard of education.

I am regularly called upon to model excellent lessons across the curriculum and have modelled lessons for the Prince’s Institute, as well as Education Ministers from across the world so that teachers across the globe can learn from my practice.

My teaching has been graded outstanding for the full 10+ years that I have worked within education, and I have consistently achieved excellent progress and results from all classes I have taught. My class books are used by OFSTED as an example for the country and are included in OFSTED Inspector Training Manuals as an example of exemplary practice.

I am hugely passionate about teaching children, and teaching your child is something I can give my utmost attention to. I am confident in teaching both groups and individual children and very much look forward to applying myself fully to teaching your child.

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