Law Graduate English and Maths Tutor

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Hello from London

I am a young Lawyer by profession with a zeal for enhancing children’s learning potential. My legal background gives me a top rate command of the English language and numerical skills and my tutoring experience of teaching children of 5+ years means your child is in first-rate hands.

My progressive attitude and engaging personality ensures my lessons are creative, inspiring and interactive. As a result, this achieves my primary aim to spark and nurture your child’s journey of joyful learning by embracing the unique Montessori method. My discerning eye will also spot your child’s natural abilities, strengths and interests, which I incorporate into my lessons accordingly.

Whether it’s a one off lesson or on a regular basis, I offer personalised one- on-one and group lessons remotely in the following subjects and ages:

  • English – from age 5 to 10
  • Maths – from age 5 – 10

 With the pandemic causing untold disruption to students’ learning, it would be a privilege for me to cultivate your child’s curious mind, unlock their true potential and instil a ‘growth mindset’ for their long term development.  

Join me and let’s start your child’s journey of a positive lifelong love of learning.

Additional Details

  • - Montessori Certified Educator - Montessori Tutor Training - Law - LLB - Legal Practice Course


Q How much do you charge?

I have a flat hourly rate of £20 per child. However, I offer a discounted rate for a group for each additional child where the hourly rate reduces to £15 for each child.

Q Do you charge for a trial session?

Yes - I charge £18 for a trial session. In order to establish your child’s level of ability, it is important for me to have a trial session. This helps me to gauge the appropriate level of work to teach going forward should you choose to proceed.

Q Do you offer group sessions?

Yes, I am happy to teach a group within the same subject.

However, the maximum number of children I am inclined to take is 4 at any given time. This ensures I can deliver the lessons at the optimum level and that each child benefits equally without compromising their learning as well as impacting the quality of my teaching

Q How does payment work?

With a view to maintaining the highest standards of providing a service to you, payment must be made before lessons. If for any unforeseen reason, the lesson does not go ahead, your payment will be returned. Alternatively, it can be retained for the next lesson.

With regards to making payments, I accept the following methods:
1. Paypal
2. BAC transfer – bank details to be provided personally.

Q How are the parents/guardians involved in the child’s learning?

Given the focus of my teaching method is the Montessori way, I email the parents/guardians prior to every lesson with the required materials/items for the lesson. Rest assured, these are basic household items- eg: scissors (child friendly or with supervision), play do, colouring pens/pencils, string, glue etc.
It is important that parents/guardians keep track of their child’s progress and I therefore encourage a ‘review meeting’ at regular intervals which is arranged on an individual basis.

I’m an advocate of communicating and am equally open to mutual feedback between the parents/guardians and myself as when necessary.

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