Payal P.

Maths Tutor Middlesex

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Payal has a BSc in Mathematics and is also a Montessori trained Directress. She plays the Sitar and is keen in other Indic disciplines such as Yoga and Sanskrit.

After a successful career in programming, she decided to shift focus and work towards her true passion in life as an educator.  Her journey as a Montessorian began in 2010, soon after this she founded her own Montessori school in India.  She taught in the classroom for several years and now takes care of the management. 

Payal is clearly dedicated to the Montessori approach of education and has seen from first hand experience of being in the Montessori Classroom how innately and naturally children can learn subjects like Maths and English using the Montessori material and principles.  She strongly ascertains an interest based, hands on and readiness approach to be maintained to keep the child curious and wanting to learn.

As a Montessori tutor she looks forward to exploring ways in sparking an interest in the children, love and  developing a better understanding for the subject at hand using the Montessori Method as much as possible.

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