Monika R.

Maths Tutor London

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Having experienced traditional school I decided to make a change and become part of the education that is designed to work with children’s abilities as oppose to children having to work with the programme designed by the school that is supposed to be a ‘fit for all’.

During my lessons I observe, guide, and mentally stimulate the child. This allows children to act and think by themselves and helps them in developing confidence and inner discipline so when they are faced with a task they have never done before they are able to solve the problem.

I strongly believe that every child is unique, learns and processes information in a different way, therefore a child is always in the centre of my lessons. I tailor classes to ensure I accommodate different levels of abilities and ways of learning by using multisensory, thought provoking and creative techniques.

I create a safe space for children to make mistakes, evaluate, discover, and become independent in their learning without feeling unnecessary pressure.

My aim is to allow a child to be spontaneous, take initiative and enable them to acquire the values of coexistence and respect.

Every child deserves a chance to become whoever they want to become, and I am here to help them get there regardless of their current abilities.

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