Minna B.

Physics & Maths Tutor Somerset

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I am an English actor who was brought up in Asia and Africa and have spent the past four years in NYC, studying and working in the performing arts. Before that I attended Oxford Brookes University and studied Psychology and Biological Anthropology.

I have a passion for studying the human being and its behaviour and with that, enjoy meeting people from all walks of life, from all over the world. I am enthusiastic about life, and want to share this enthusiasm to others, especially in the area of learning.

I wish to minimise the negativity, anxiety and stress that can be caused through certain learning environments. I strongly believe that children posses full potential, and this should be nurtured and harnessed in a way that allows their passion and intrigue to grow and evolve.

Each human being is unique in its own right; in the way of teaching and supporting children, it is paramount that this is acknowledged, respected and encouraged.

I wish to build upon the role models that have inspired me in my life, and transpose these attitudes to any scenario in life which requires patience, kindness, stimulation and of course a sense of joy.

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