Lizzy B

A passionate, enthusiastic and charismatic English and maths tutor

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A passionate, enthusiastic and charismatic tutor with years of experience in the private education sector, Lizzy strives to bring energy, imagination and fun to her lessons. By applying creativity and fresh ideas to established and proven methods of teaching, Lizzy delights in nurturing the talents of children of all abilities and backgrounds. And she thrives on watching students develop and grow as she brings English and maths to life.

Additional Details

  • Montessori Tutors Certified Educator AVCM Public Speaking


Q How much do you charge?

£25 per hour for a one-to-one English or Maths lesson
£15 per hour per child for a minimum of a group of four

Q How are your lessons conducted?

All lessons are conducted over Zoom using a password-protected session code.

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