Jasmine G.

English Tutor Woodingdean

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“I have always savoured the light-bulb moments when our eyes widen with understanding and our confidence suddenly grows.”

Msc Computer Science.

B.A Economics & Liberal Arts.

Qualification in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and Montessori Tutoring for Maths and English, UK.

I have always been enthused by learning and teaching, having had a career for nearly 18 years where the ability
to “learn how to learn” got me into all sorts of places I never dreamed I would. I worked in Visual Effects for Hollywood films in London, and couldn’t believe how important these self-learning skills were in order to be able to accomplish all sorts of work and non-work related challenges.

I also love learning and speaking languages … having lived in 6 countries and travelled to many,
many more. Learning has become something of a lifelong passion over the years, and I believe with no doubt that that passion all starts in childhood.

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