Emma R

Primary English and Maths Tutoring

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Hi, I’m Emma, a mummy to my two wonderful children, and a passionate believer in tutoring the Montessori way.

I graduated in Economics BSc and worked in the Investment Banking and Finance sector for 5 years. Upon commencing my motherhood journey I became aware of the benefits of implementing a Montessori environment at home, and how it fosters the child’s development, mindset and independence.

I have gained vital training from Montessori Tutors on structuring lessons the non-traditional way, where sensory materials are used, hand-on learning is gained, and a profound love for learning is developed.

My tutoring subjects are Maths and English at Primary School level. I look forward to providing your child with engaging, fun and interactive lessons the Montessori Tutors way.

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  • Economics BSc

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