Edina R.

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My name is Edina. My original qualification is Event Organizer HR specialization and Travel guide. I gained both of my undergraduate qualification in my Home Country. I participated in a private Alternative Waldorf School’s life as a parent and volunteer. We always focused for children needs and make their life pleasured and improved their knowledge through with many activity and enjoyable tasks.

Since I live in England, I work in the education system as a Learning Support Assistant and I work with SEN students. During the last couple of years, I completed the Understanding Autism and the Awareness of Mental Health problem course. And at this moment I’m doing the TESOL level 5 degree.  My passion to teach and share my knowledge and experience especially with students who need motivation and support, and my sense of getting work done well gives me a very positive attitude and helps to increase the student’s skills.

I’m really eager-minded to deliver an exquisite lesson to make student happy and satisfied with their outcome results. But first in all I do an effort to arrange a lesson which abound in creativity, and help to develop the productive and purposeful thinking. I’m confidence to provide an effective and solid foundation to students.

Outside of my work I’m an avid reader. My passion is traveling and make day trips as many as I can in order to discover the big wide world and my hobby is ride a bike and gardening.

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