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My name is Claire, I am a Montessori tutor in English and Mathmatics. My aim for your child is to help them find and develop a love of learning by providing lessons that are multi-sensory and engaging, but also focused to your childs understanding and their interests. Within a simulating and supportive environment, your child will be in the best place to persevere and achieve their potential. The Montessori based learning techniques will encourage your childs study habits and allowing them to become independent learners, thus having a positive impact on both their learning and their self esteem as they achieve their goals and more.

 Every child deserves the chance to strive for their dreams, whether they be as a doctor, an artist, or any other career they may aspire to. My ambition and passion is that all children, no matter what their current abilities, are given the opportunity to grasp the knowledge and understanding of the subject. Your child is unique, the way they think and learn is unique. This uniqueness makes them special, my job as a Montessori tutor is to use the skills they already have and enhance them. You cannot teach a fish to climb a tree and you would not try. Children do not all learn the same way. A multi-sensory and hands on approach is best placed to allow exploration and discovery. This is why children learn well with Montessori teaching, my lesson plans allow your child to be at the centre of the planning. Providing them with a learning program to succeed and with a deeper understanding of the subjects.

By working in partnership, we can see your child continuously improve and see the achievement and sense of pride they will develop as they tackle new subjects. As a team to support, encourage and guide your child. The reward is watching as your child reaches their full potential and more.

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    Each lesson is different

    We are seeing real improvements with our sons spelling and English. Each lesson is different but follow the same themes and words as they are learning at school. All in all we are very happy indeed and plan to keep up the lessons through the summer. Thank you!

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