Bruce V.

University of Strathclyde educated maths and english tutor from Glasgow, Scotland.

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Bruce is a Montessori tutor of English and Maths and we are thrilled that you have made it to his teaching profile! Teaching is something Bruce loves to do, he is passionate about working with children, and is driven to help young people reach their full potential and guide them toward meaningful growth. Both through direct teaching experience and having come through the Montessori Tutors PGCE Teacher Training Course as a CPD Certified Level 3 Montessori Tutors Educator Bruce has plenty of relevant experience and know how in order that your child receives the best of what the Montessori method of tuition has to offer.

The Montessori method of education that we work with at Montessori Tutors is based on self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play and is a method which Bruce feels very passionate about and it can be said to have many similarities to his own experience of education both in a formal sense in higher education and in his own personal creative endeavors.  The reason we say this is that Bruce studied for a Degree in Building Design Engineering in the creative arena of the Department of Architecture at the University of Strathclyde, studying between topics within the arts and science disciplines but also spending much of his time creating his own music & graphic design. 

In addition to this & at the same time he was developing a lifelong love of learning, science, literature and film and training 2/3 times a week in the creatively expressive martial art of Capoeira (training here for about a decade where he had the privilege to help teach students of all ages and train in the context of the University of Glasgow’s Capoeira Club working with students from all over the world and from diverse backgrounds).  These experiences have allowed Bruce to work with many different people from many different backgrounds and within diverse contexts allowing him to develop much varied experience in maths, english, science, the arts but also in expression, activity and collaboration.

Bruce’s mindset is geared towards encouraging education, development and achievement and seeking out openness, expression, collaboration, play and creativity.  It is through these experiences and ideas that Bruce and we at Montessori tutors look to help your child develop their full potential and help guide and support them on their continued path in education.  Thank you for visiting us here and we look forward to you selecting Bruce to become your Montessori Tutor!

Additional Details

  • Degree in Building Design Engineering from the Department of Architecture at the University of Strathclyde. PGCE Teacher Training Course - CPD Certified Level 3. level 2 Modern Apprenticeship in Customer Service in the Business Skills Sector.


Q How much do you charge?

£25 per hour for a one-to-one English or Maths lesson
£15 per hour per child for a minimum of a group of four.

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