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My name is Alexia Bailey and I am a Primary school teacher with QTS, as well as a seamstress, gardener, exercise and a juicing and nature walk fanatic who hails from four generations of teachers!

My background includes: A Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other languages (CELTA), a BA in Primary Education, and I am currently pursuing a master’s in teaching English.

I was born in Jamaica and experienced great successes with unforgettable individuals who made my learning journey exciting and worthwhile. I too have this resolute passion to do the same, for the children I teach. Currently a Primary School Teacher, I consider myself to be a ‘little people’s person’ and enjoy working with children especially savouring the moment when that spark ignites from discovering something they never knew before due to my tutelage. Thus, I will bring my wealth of experience from the classroom to tutoring sessions.

I intend to bring fun and versatility in my sessions with your child ensuring that I follow my his/her learning style and their ability to grasp new concepts. Also, using the appropriate resources that would aid them, so that they can build on their current knowledge, skills, and interests. 

In conclusion, look forward to tutoring your child and passionately believe it takes a village to raise a child and I am honoured for the privilege of being part of that village.

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