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Job as a Montessori Tutor

Part-time Job. Train to be a Montessori Tutor & earn £32k+

Are you looking for jobs online? Would you like to become a Private Tutor and earn an average of £625 per week? If so, we are looking for motivated and enthusiastic individuals to partner with us and deliver Maths & English lessons online.

You don’t need any previous experience as we will provide everything you need. We will provide the training and the teaching materials for you to deliver on a weekly basis.

Moreover, as a Montessori Partner, you will have a range of benefits including a personal web page which will rank on page 1 of Google, Bing and Yahoo thus giving you a stream of free traffic and pupils for life. If this is something you maybe interested in then continue reading and we will give you the opportunity to partner with us to become a Montessori Tutor!

Job Market Summary:

Job title  

Private Montessori Tutor – tutoring children 4 -14 years old online.


Private Tuition Market

The Private Tuition Market is worth £6 billion in the UK and £100 billion globally. Montessori Education is one of the most sought-after tuition service in the world.

Global demand for online tuition has been growing by 14% annually. 


UK Market

School aged children in the UK – 8.82 million

Children receiving private tuition in the UK: 44% or 3.9 million potential pupils.*

*Sutton Trust Education Review


Job Earnings  

25 hours @ £25 = £625 per week

32 hours @ £25 = £800 per week

45 hours @ £25 = £1,125 per week

Group of 6 for 2 hours @ £12.50 p/h = £150 per session


Working Hours

Flexible part-time working hours usually after school and weekend. You can also provide online tuition.

Montessori Education is popular worldwide and is especially sought after in Middle East and Asia. So, if you work online you can pretty much work any hours you like and however many hours you want.

How to benefit from the surge in demand for online tuition

If you were to think of a job that is hugely in demand right now, what would it be? Online tutoring job would most likely be at the very top.

Due to the current pandemic and social distancing rules, the demand for online tutors has grown at a staggering rate. In fact, the sector was growing at a rate of 14% before the current pandemic – this figure has exponentially increased in the last few months.

Okay, so the demand is there but how do you capitalise from this demand? Well, would it be fair to say that whoever ranks the highest on Google will benefit the most? We think so. Actually, those who rank on the first page get a whopping 75% of all traffic!

Fortunately for us, our in-house tech team have not only managed to rank Montessori Tutors on the first page but No.1 on Google, Bing and Yahoo!

Benefits of working as a Montessori Tutor

Montessori Education is a globally recognised education system. As such, Montessori Tutors is a fast growing online and after school tuition provider. We provide Maths & English tuition to children aged between 4 – 14 following the Montessori Ethos.

Montessori Education is the Diamond Standard in Private Education

Time and time again, research shows that Montessori children outperform their peers in state schools.

Furthermore, children under Montessori Study Programme consistently had higher mean scores than traditional education.

Job does not require previous experience nor a University Degree

You would normally need be a graduate to work as a professional tutor – particularly for Maths & English. Moreover, you would need specialist knowledge in the subjects being taught i.e. Maths & English.

However, because our fully qualified teachers will be preparing the work for your, all you have to do is deliver them to your pupils. Our teachers will prepare the work for you in accordance with the National Curriculum and provide full training and support in order for you to deliver the lessons.

As such, we are looking for a few special individuals who have the passion, drive and commitment to partner and grow with us. If you are willing to invest a small amount of money and dedicate a few hours a week on marketing and training, you can start earning significant amounts of money working 12 – 15 hours per week.

Fantastic Earning Potential

As a globally recognised system Montessori Education is popular all over the world. You will be able to offer tuition to pupils worldwide. Our service is particularly sought after in the Middle East, Asia, UK and USA. Given that the global tuition market is worth £100 billion, so the sky is the limit on how much you can earn –  it will all depend on how many hours you want to work!

Work prepared for you

It doesn’t matter if you have never provided tuition in your life, we will prepare you to deliver fantastic lessons confidently. You will be assigned to a dedicated qualified teacher who will prepare work for your class and offer weekly training via video chat. You will be provided with answers as well as ideas on related activities and how you can differentiate to help pupils at different levels.

Case study:

One of our lowest earning tutors made £22,029.50 in her first year working only a few hours a week and she took a total of 6 weeks off! She used the money to take her family on several vacations throughout the year.

My husband is the main bread winner and I just wanted something on the side. As a Montessori Tutor I was able to quickly attract new pupils and earn quiet a lot of money considering how little I worked.

I was able to save most of my income as the expense was minimal.

I used the money to take my family on several luxury trips abroad. This included a shopping trip to Turkey, a bucket list item of staying at the Atlantis in Dubai (absolutely unforgettable!) and I even managed to do another trip which included a round trip to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand!

None of this would have been possible if I didn’t have the extra income from being a Montessori Tutor.

Market Analysis

With the global corona virus pandemic and schools being closed until at least the next academic year, now is the best time to open a tuition centre. Once lock-down is over in a couple of weeks, millions of parents will be looking to send their children to tuition centres and our tutors are best prepared to accept in influx in new students.

Furthermore, the British Private Tutoring Market is one of the fastest growing markets in the UK with parents spending £6 billion a year and 11.5 million potential Montessori students – making it one of the biggest tuition market worldwide. 

Moreover, with teacher shortages at an all-time high, parents are paying between £22 – £36 per hour. Nonetheless, in order to stay competitive our tuition fee is an average of £120 per month for both Maths & English.

Online Tuition

Due to the current global pandemic, the demand for online tuition has grown significantly. So, we are offering tutors the option to offer tuition online and earn up to £25 per hour on a 1-2-1 basis.

We will train you to use market leading software and how to give fantastic lessons online whilst maintaining the Montessori Ethos.

Moreover, the demand for Montessori Education in the USA, Dubai, Malaysia and Singapore is very high. We will show you how you can tap into these lucrative markets.



This is the biggest expense for most businesses as without it you will be lucky to get any customers. We realise that you may not be keen to spend a fortune on marketing as well as countless hours and long nights needed to learn and experiment with social media marketing and search engine marketing. Hence, we have put together a fantastic package that will take care of all your marketing needs.

Our tutors benefit from free online traffic by being on page 1 of Google

We are No.1 on Google and you can be too!

We will provide you a dedicated web page with your contact details.  Montessori Tutors already rank no.1 on major search engines so your web page will start ranking very quickly.

In fact, our local tuition centres are ranking higher than national franchises such as Kumon and Explore Learning!

We have a strong online presence and Rank No.1 for Montessori Tutors on Google. Our partners benefit from this as we can rank their tuition centre on the first page of Google, if not the no.1 spot – remember this is organic ranking which means its free marketing and not Pay-Per-Click potentially saving you thousands a year on marketing whilst generating regular stream of leads for free!

Our in-house search engine specialists have been working extremely hard to ensure we have online presence. They have done such a good job that we rank no.1 on all major search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo. This is another reason why our business has seen rapid growth.

Our SEO efforts have put us in very good stead with search engines organic search. Being on top of Organic search results mean that we appear on first page without having to pay for any online advertisement. This is a major advantage for our tutors as they benefit from free traffic to their web page 24/7!

Promotional Materials

As well as a high-ranking webpage, you will also have access to professionally designed leaflets, outdoor banners and outdoor flags to attract parents passing by the tuition centre.

Meet our Tutors:


I am a stay at home mum so I don’t really have the time for a regular 9-5 job and part-time work that matches my hours are almost impossible to find. So, when I saw Montessori Tutor partnership program, I jumped straight on-board as I knew this was perfect for me!

Sinthia is a full time mum and runs her tuition centre working only a few hours a week!

I can set my own hours and my professional tutor prepares the work for me, so I hardly have to put in any extra hours after tuition. All-in-all I probably put in 10 hours a week and I earn a full-time income!

Best part is I can take my children to work and they get tuition for free!

– Sinthia


I am a full-time carer for my elderly mother and I can’t leave her alone for long periods of time. I didn’t really know what Montessori Education was but I liked the sound of it and wanted to get involved. After going through the application process I was thrilled to be selected

Nafissa’s students are very happy and love coming to tuition – once she had 8 children recommended by 1 parent!

The support and training I received from my professional tutor has been fantastic. It gave me the knowledge and confidence I needed to deliver fun and engaging lessons to children. This has increased both retention rate and the number of parental referrals. I have a parent who recommended her friends with 8 children between them!

– Nafissa


I wanted to become a teacher and started training for my PGCE but ended up quitting a few months into the course I found the workload overwhelming.  However, I love teaching and working with children so I was looking for a way to stay in education but just not public schools.

Maria quit public school and became a Montessori Tutor! 

So, when I saw the ad for Montessori Partnership program it was a no-brainer! I get to work part-time and earn full-time income. I started out hiring a venue on an hourly basis for the first couple of months, after which I decided to rent a small shop on a high street with reasonable footfall. I initially planned to open a few days a week however, due to high demand I ended up opening 7 days a week, hiring 3 teaching assistants and have 129 registered students!

– Maria

How to become a Montessori Tutor

Montessori Tutors is run by a small group of UK Masters PGCE, QTS qualified secondary school teachers.

We are offering to train you up to become a fantastic Montessori Tutor who will be able to provide amazing Maths & English lessons to children using practical and immersive learning techniques.

We are offering you the opportunity to teach students all around the world as well as join a global family and benefit from the Montessori Network.

Training and Development

If your application is shortlisted, we will send you an information pack containing the next steps. Thereafter, you will be required to pay one-off fee of £349 towards your Montessori Tutor Training and on-going support and development. 

The live online training is intensive 10 hours over 5 days (usually Monday – Friday). After you successfully complete your training, you will be a certified Montessori Tutor and can start tutoring pupils.

As a Certified Montessori Tutor you will be able to offer tuition for Maths & English to pupils aged between 4-14 years. You will be free to work your own hours and wherever you want. You will also be a member of the Montessori Network and have the opportunity to work for other organisations and you may even be able to work abroad. 

Get started straight away

As you can see, the Montessori Partnership Programme offers unparalleled tutor training, support and development. Moreover, we will provide everything you could possibly need to become a successful and effective Montessori Tutor. This will include:

  • Montessori Initial Tutor Training
  • training to teach both Maths & English
  • having a personal web page ranked on page 1 of Google
  • being part of a globally recognised education system
  • having access to our professionally designed marketing materials
  • having work prepared for you every week – something unheard of in the sector!

Apply Now

Apply now and benefit from the fantastic demand for online tuition. 

This is the perfect time to join! As public schools are closed worldwide, millions of parents are searching for great online tutors. We are looking for people who are motivated and determined to succeed. 

If you can demonstrate you have potential to succeed as a Montessori Tutor, you will be recommended for training. Thereafter, you can start your new job as a Montessori Tutor and begin to enrol pupils. 

So, if you would like to receive professional tutor training and learn to provide fantastic Maths and English lessons to pupils from around the world, be part of a globally recognised education system and earn a full-time income working from home then apply now.