There are many reasons for investing in private tuition in Birmingham for your child. Here are 10 things your child can expect to benefit from with Montessori Private Tuition Birmingham:

Private Tuition Birmingham

1. Much smaller student to teacher ratio
Because private tuition takes place in small groups or one-to-one, students are able to focus better and are taught in a way that specifically meets their own unique needs. Here at Montessori Private tuition Birmingham, students attend in groups of up to six children, but teaching is always one-to-one.

2. The right tutor 
At school, you don’t have a choice about your teachers, but we match the child and the tutor following our first meeting with the child. This means students have a mentor who teaches in the most effective manner for their learning styles.

3. Extra review
Often in school there is only a limited time to review a child’s work and understanding. That may not always be enough. Having a private tutor gives students an extra chance to review the areas in which they may be struggling.

4. Homework help
With Montessori Private tuition Birmingham, students enjoy having a guide who can make the topics that they’re covering for homework less stressful, less of a chore and more of an effective learning experience.

5. Test practice
For students who struggle with studying for tests, private tuition helps them to develop better study skills and ultimately to perform better in exams.

6. Confidence
Because our private tutors in Birmingham develop a more personal relationship with their students, they are able to see and cultivate the potential within them. This is all too easy for teachers in school to miss, especially if a child is well-behaved or of average intelligence. This gives students increased confidence in their studies.

7. Saves parents and students time and effort
Parents with busy schedules don’t always have time to help their children with school work. Having a bets private tutor in Birmingham takes the pressure off (although we would always encourage parents to spend time with their children wherever possible!).

8. Stronger drive to perform to their very best
Having private Maths & English tuition in Birmingham means the instructor is really focused on the success of the student, students are far more likely to have an increased drive to perform to the very best of their ability and attain excellent SATs and GCSE Grades.

9. Safe environment for open discussion
Sometimes students may not be as willing to ask questions in a large class, but working with a private tutor gives them more confidence and the freedom to speak out.

10. Students get taught by innovative methods 
Because Montessori private tuition Birmingham is one-to-one, Birmingham tutors are willing to experiment with new teaching styles that work more effectively for the student.

If you feel you or your child could benefit from a private tutor in Birmingham then why not visit our Birmingham Tuition Centre to see for yourself and to talk with our friendly staff about the options available.

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